Kinetico 2040s




Conditioned Water 24 Hours a Day, Every Day

Simple, Reliable and Economical Operation

Twin Tank Design

Certified Performance

Installation and Service by Trained Water Treatment Professionals

Regeneration requires only:

  • 7 gallons of water  
  • 11 minutes 
  •  1 lb of regenerate

What Makes The Kinetico Overdirve Enhanced 2040s Different?

  1. Non-Electic Operation. Reliable. No timers or computers to set, adjust, repair or replace.
  2. Metered, Demand Service. Unlimited supply of clean, soft water. Eliminates guesswork, water and regenerant waste, and hard water breakthrough.
  3. Twin Tank System. Unlimited supply of cleanconditioned water. Enables system to regenerate with clean, conditioned water
  4. Overdrive Enhanced. All tanks are in servie simultaneously. Increases performacne, efficiency, flow rate and media life.
  5. High Flow Rate. System keeps up with the conditioned water needs of today's demanding households.
  6. Large Porting Size. Perfectly suited for larger plumbing found in many homes. Up to 1 1/2 inches.
  7. Efficient Hardness Removal. Assures consistent and continuous clean, soft water. Saves money on soaps and cleaners. Protects plumbing and appliances.
  8. High Efficiency, Packed Resin Bed. More efficient hardness removal. Conserves regeneraant and water. Increases Performance.
  9. Effiiency Use of Water and Regenerant. Low water consumption. Less money spent of regenerant.
  10. Corrosion-Resistant Valve and Tanks. Long lasting. Can endure harsh environments.
  11. Soft Water, Countercurrent Regeneration. Increasses product efficiency and water quality.
  12. Automatic Operation. Just add regenerant.
  13. Outstanding Warranty. Dependability, peace of mind.
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