Common Water Problems

Do you have one or more of these problems at your home? Have us come test your water and see how we can make it better!

Hard Water

Hard water can create white scale buildup on your faucets. Making them lose pressure while also looking bad. getting a softener will prevent this problem!

Iron in Water

Iron in water can create a funky smell to your water. While also staining your home Red/Orange making the problem worse let alone the buildup it had on your water using appliances.

Water Smells

Smelly water can be very off-putting to most people especially when it smells like rotten eggs! Not sure what it could be let’s find out.

Tannins In Water

Tannins in your water are not bad for you they are actually in wine. But just because they are not bad for you doesn’t mean they are not bad for your home; they create a bad smell to your water and leave things with a yellow stain!

PFAS And Our Water

Research is still ongoing to better understand the potential health effects of PFAS exposure over long periods of time. Because they break down very slowly, PFAS are commonly called “forever chemicals.” Their persistence in the environment and prevalence across the country make them a unique water-quality concern.