What’s Hard Water? Why Does it Matter?

Hard water is a high amount of minerals most commonly calcium and magnesium dissolved in water. The higher concentration of minerals within your water the harder it is. Hard water can occur in public and well water, and the hardness level varies across cities and states. Water Hardness Affects every water using appliance.

Why it Matters.

It matters because having hard water wears away your appliances that use water! It will have a buildup of deposits at can and will make them stop working overtime. Having soft water will make you appliances last longer as well as your Clothes and Towles. Let alone the affects it has on your body.

How Does it Affect Your Body?

Since hard water contains minerals like calcium and magnesium, it can leave a build-up of soap residue on your skin. This creates clogged pores where the body usually releases its natural oils. This can make your skin feel tight and overall itchy and irritated. This also makes your hair dry, easy to tangle and also create dandruff. Calcium and magnesium in water can also break down your skin’s protective collagen and elastin barriers, making it easier for you to get sunburns.


Hard water also blocks your pipes creating low water pressure.


Having soft water means not having to use as much cleaning supplies, shampoo, or other soaps. Let alone the time it takes to Clean!


Hard water is responsible for the residue you might see on dishes or in coffee pots.


Soft water Clears your skin while also making it soft. It will make your hair softer as well.