How To Become a Rental

Becoming a rental does have some perks to it, like not having to keep up on machine maintenance. Or if anything happens with the equipment you don’t have to spend the money to fix it!

To become a rental there are a few simple requirements Listed Below

  • Be within a 60-mile radius of the store.
  • Sign a contract Stating that you are renting, and that we will be able to come into your home to fix/do anything with our equipment. (Contract does not lock you into any number of days)
  • Be able to put a payment up for automatic withdraw with either a checking account or debit card. Payments are withdrawn the 1st or 13th of each month. (You can choose)

Getting Started

First, you will need to Contact us and let us know you are wanting to start your rental journey.

Second, we can come out to your home and test your water if we don’t already know how it test. You can always bring a water sample to us as well.

Click Getting Started to Contact Us

Lastly, once we know how your water is we get you scheduled for installation. Our tech will come and have you sign the Contract and then Install the unit.