Specialty Solutions

No matter what water challenges Kinetico has the solution. We offer a wide variety of specialty solutions, such as non-electric and saltless water softeners, specialty water filters, and more.  

Common water problems include iron, chlorine and sulfur or rotten egg smell. These water issues can be effectively treated regardless of your home’s size and your family’s budget. Schedule your FREE, in-home water test with a Kinetico Water Specialist today to learn what options could best meet your individual needs. 

Here is a little information about having a Softener and RO System.

10″/16″ ByPass SuperKit

“This is included on All Installations.”

The Kinetico Superkit is everything you need to complete your water treatment installation. Designed specifically for Kinetico systems, the superkit offers quick-change prefiltration with various cartridge options to protect your equipment, as well as a single-handle control by-pass valve to easily switch from service, by-pass or off. It also can connect with larger plumbing found in many homes today.

Kinex Salt Monitor

“This is included on All Installations Except Rentals.”

The Kinetico Kinex™ Salt Monitor is a Wi-Fi enabled accessory device that monitors the salt level in the salt drum of a paired water softener system. With Kinex Salt Monitor and the Kinetico App, you’ll receive alerts on your smart phone or tablet letting you know when it’s time to add salt. You can also check your salt level or your monitor’s status quickly and easily from anywhere, on the Kinetico App.

1060 Dechlorinator

Kinetico’s Dechlorination System is the ideal choice for removing chlorine from your home’s water. The non-electric, maintenance-free system can be used alone for chlorine reduction, or it can be combined with other Kinetico water treatment equipment to improve the water even further.