Reverse Osmosis

Municipal water treatment facilities do a great job treating city water; however, the water still must travel from the water plant, through the water pipes and into your home. Whether you have a private well or city water, Kinetico has a reverse osmosis system or a drinking water filter to meet your needs. Schedule a FREE, in-home water test today to provide your family with great-tasting, worry-free drinking water. 

Here is a little information about the Reverse Osmosis.

K5 Reverse Osmosis

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The Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station eliminates nearly everything from your home’s drinking water that isn’t water. You’ll have an unlimited supply of clean, refreshing water for all your cooking and drinking needs. The system offers flex-filtration, so you can customize the system to address the concerns specific to your water. You and your family will have the peace of mind that you’re drinking the very best water, without taxing the environment or worrying about water bottle recycling.

A200 Reverse Osmosis

Only Available As A Rental

The Kinetico A200 Drinking Water System conveniently provides you and your family with clean, refreshing, filtered water that you can use for drinking and cooking. Featuring a reverse osmosis membrane and filter cartridges, this system produces quality water with low-maintenance operation.