Learning About Iron in Water

Iron in water does not usually present a health risk. Your body needs iron to transport oxygen in the blood. Most iron comes from food, since the body cannot easily absorb iron from water.

Too much iron in water can discolor your hair giving it an unwanted red tint. Iron exposure robs your hair’s natural shine making it dull and lifeless. Iron also makes your home hard to clean.

Although a low level of iron cannot harm your health, it contains bacteria. In addition to this, high iron in water content leads to an overload which can cause diabetes, stomach problems, and nausea. It can also damage the liver, pancreas, and heart.

Generally speaking, boiling water can help to kill the harmful bacteria in drinking water but cannot remove Iron or other minerals. And your water will continue to have the smell.

Why Consider Removing Iron

Well, if you remove Iron from your home you won’t have to worry about the Orange staining throughout your house. It also helps make your water using Appliances last longer since there won’t be a buildup within them.

Having orange staining but it’s not Iron click to check for tannins.

I know some people think “Oh, I’m good I have a new home with PEX/PVC Pipes in it” and your right your home won’t have Iron in the beginning. But, most Citys have old infrastructure for their water lines so it’s coming in your home without you realizing it. Luckly with our water softeners they are designed to treat the most severe hard water and soluble iron issues.

When In Doubt we have the Solution.

Have a water Softener and still having Iron Problems? We have other Alternatives to remove that pesky Iron! Just Reach out and we can figure it out together.