Why Does Your Water Smell?

Depending on the smell it will mean different things; especially when you have well water you can never truly know what’s in your water until you get it checked out.

Smelling an odd odor in your water can be very unpleasant. Although it’s difficult to determine the cause of odors in water by smell alone, the type of smell can give you clues to what might be in your water supply.

Types Of Smells

Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Rotten egg smell in your water, you likely have hydrogen sulfide in your water supply. Hydrogen sulfide is an invisible gas that is commonly found deep in the ground, meaning households that get their water from a groundwater supply are at a higher risk for receiving water that is laced with hydrogen sulfide. This gas can also appear in water that contains sulfide-reducing bacteria.

Note: Some notice the rotten egg smell is only present in hot water. This can occur with bacterial issues in the water heater.

Smells of Metallic

Metallic smells in drinking water are usually created by metals themselves in your water. Iron, manganese, zinc, and copper. They can be found in water supplies that rely on older plumbing systems or corroded plumbing parts; as well as old city piping. Iron and manganese can appear in well water, because they are both naturally occurring.

Smells Like Chlorine

Many Citys use chlorine to kill bacteria, viruses, and parasites to keep drinking water safe while it is being stored. Over-chlorinated water can smell like bleach or a chlorinated pool, yielding an off-putting glass of water. High concentrations of chlorine can also destroy rubber parts that your appliances have, leading to costly repairs down the line.

Smells Musty or like Wet Dog

If your water smells musty or like a wet dog, It’s likely algae in your water. Surface water that sits in the sun can create algae; and other decayed vegetation will also give off a distinct musty smell and taste. If your musty-smelling water also contains visible partials, it’s possible that your water contains metals too.